Formal Friday: 2-27-20

Hi everyone :)

I hope you remembered to wear your ties and ball gowns today.

Word for the day: go create something. You have the ability and power to bring things into this world that did not exist before. Prettyyyy, pretty neat. Utilize that. Bless us. Bless yourself.

Product Recommendation: The Soy Chorizo at Trade Joe's

So yummy. I use it mainly for breakfast tacos/burritos. Whether you eat meat or not, it's so good and tastes like chorizo from a piggy.

Here's a recipe you can use it with.

Podcast Episode: Safe Spaces - Sam Harris: Making Sense

A friend of mine sent this to me two years ago and it still comes to my mind frequently. Sam Harris hosts Jonathan Haidt, a social psychologist, and they discuss topics ranging from safe spaces to parenting. You can fast-forward past the intro stuff to make it shorter.

Apparel Recommendation: Oh My God

I don't have these... YET... These are so fire, wow. I was looking for the pair of down pants I got and found these instead. I posted mine on my instagram (@drainodrew). It's almost warm outside, so you may not get to wear them too much longer, but I promise these will never go out of style.

Song Recommendation: The Memory by Roy Ayers


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